Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Elissar Finianos Collaborating with @iMarwanKhoury is Like No Other

Marwan Khoury has many fans out there, and the Arab ladies of pop adore working with him. The composer inside him seems to give his best works to them. While they sing their hearts out, he makes sure they sound better with his songs. One lady joins the chorus of his fans, Elissar Finianos will be singing one of his songs and she seems to be energized thinking about it.

Elissar is not a huge name, but she is all on her own, she tends to do classy songs with a different feel, but I think she has not been able to go mainstream. Elissar gave an interview and talked about her upcoming collaboration with Marwan Khoury, her career and few other things.
 إليسار لإيلاف: مع إحترامي لكلّ الفنّانين ولكن لتعاوني مع مروان خوري نكهة خاصّة


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