Monday, May 4, 2015

Well Done, Aya Abd Elraoof, Well Done!

Young and hungry artists are a dime a dozen. Aya Abd Elraoof stands out as a drop dead gorgeous singer with a lot of swag. She is talented vocally and her latest illustrates just as much. The song was released and hours later it already clocked fifty thousand views.

Released in time for Spring celebrations, the surprise was that she was able to work with A-list lyricist Nadir Nour. Her song is about lovers who take after their loved one and they behave of become the same person. This is a cool little area to sing about, she sounds like a bird with a broken wing here.

Aya's strong voice was shaped back when she used to do opera songs in Egypt prior to her thrust into the pop world.  Yes, she made a name for herself when she took part of Star Academy years ago.

Aya Abd Elraoof - Faia Mnk Kter (Lyric Video) | أية عبد الرؤوف - فيا منك كتير


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