Friday, May 8, 2015

Amer Zayan Does The Same Music Video AGAIN! (Video)

Amer Zayan is a modern day Lebanese entertainer. He likes toys, nice suits and some makeup and styling. The ladies are helpless against his charm like he is doing his finest songs in his latest music video where he is singing about not sleeping in the same room with the lady he loves.

He worries about her and he wants to know if she is cold or warm? For American listeners, this might be a bit creepy, but I think many Arabs and some Americans find it romantic. A simple music video here where a handsome singer tells his lady not to sleep away from him because he cannot take it.

I like the song, I just do not get the way the music video is put together, it just seems like any kid with a camera could have done a better job--not when you are working for the mighty Rotana. I think many pop songs feel soulless right now and they lack the distinct character that makes time special. Now this is the second music video from Amer whose album was only released few months ago.
Amer Zayan ... Ya Laylet Elly Ma Nimta - Video Clip | عامر زيان ... يا ليلة الما نمتا


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