Saturday, May 30, 2015

Good Music Video: Sandy In Tears For "Zay Adtak"

Sandy returns with a new song where she is in a relationship with a douche bag. The man who appears in Sandy's music video seems to be in love with two things, his smartphone and himself. He does not care enough about Sandy and she is now letting us know about this with this dark song.

Sandy does not do these songs enough, but this time she has challenged herself by doing this emotionally complex song that required she does some acting and cry real tears. I know teens will find this song special as they think they would be different, but real life might be a lot more complicated than being black and white.  

As a song, this is a fine work by a young pop star whose songs has tended to be a happy go luck style. A song that deals with cheating is a new territory for Sandy, but she does a stunning job here being the dedicated lover she is for a guy who is not worth it. Toward the end, Sandy throws away the ring yet, she does not walk out and wears a black dress instead.Being in a relationship with a serial cheater and a party boy is not easy. The lyrcis of the song capture the moment and allow the listener to experience a roller coaster.  

Sandy is keeping a busy summer schedule and this song will help out in making this summer is of Sandy. I have followed Sandy's career for more than six years and every two years she pulls an incredible trick. She does it again in the summer of 2015.

Sandy - Zay Adtak - ساندى - زي عادتك

New Generation For Production Present
associated with NJ Music Production
Sandy "Zay Adtak" Music Video
Directed By : Housam Badran
Lyrics: Saber Kamal
Composer : Sherif Badr
Arranger : Ahmed Abd Elsalam
Mix & Digital Maser : Hany Mahrous


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