Monday, May 4, 2015

Sweet Fayrouz Arkan Goes To War With Her Love @fayrouz_arkan

To make an honest romantic song is no easy task. Fayrouz Arkan just had enough and she wants to share her experience with us in the only way she knows, through her music. The super talented and blessed with an amazing set of vocal chords, Fayrouz Arkan does not sing everyday. In fact she may have gone for more than 12 months without releasing new songs.

She just did. A new track where she goes to war with her love. He seems to have unrealistic expectations form her. Go, find yourself an angel or an extra-terrestrial to fall in love. It's not like you have no shortcomings, you do I just overlook them because I happen to be in love. Wow, some powerful worse from a lady who is sick of this demanding love tale.

Fayrouz Arkan offers to be born again and allowing her love to shape her in the fashion he sees best fit--she is ironic and putting him to share. This is an impressive song that I had to write on it and salute this star of a different breed. Little is known about this artists' personal life, but we know a lot about her songs.

I am glad to see the style of her music video below, it focuses on the song and offers no distraction.
Fayrouz Arkan - Ta3bak Awi / فيروز اركان - تعباك قوى


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