Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Download This! Fares Karam Aal Tayyib 2015 Mini Album

Fares Karam did not have time or interest to release a full-fledged album in the summer of 2015 like he always does. But he wanted to stay on top of the game as the party music guy, so he scaled back. Releasing a mini album which is made out of two tracks like an EP record. Two songs written by the same lyricists and composer.

The Lebanese hit-maker who knows how to fire up the crowd and kick off the party. The party is not really complete until you hear from Fares Karam and see him do his thing and drive the masses nuts. Here are his two summer hits that will sound familiar yet tackle a new subject with the that well-known Lebanese drum beat.

He is the one to beat this summer season and it seems he is embracing his aging and keeping his gray hair to tell the young singers he has the scares to proof his talent. It's an awesome album with two wonderful tracks that tell good stories from the perspective of a dude.

01 - Aal Tayyib
02 - Fawani Tahtani

 Fares Karam … Aal Tayyib | فارس كرم … عالطيب

Fares Karam … Fawani Tahtani | فارس كرم … فوقاني تحتاني


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