Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Salma Rachid Wants To Hear Your Heartbeat in "Sama3ni Nabdak" @salma_rachid9


Salma Rachid was the youngest person on the Arab Idol second season's finalists--the best season yet. She was liked by everyone and had it not been for the phenomenal rise of Assaf, Ahmad Gamal, Zaid Khoury--she would have taken home the title. The judges have told her as much--you are still young and you have a lot of opportunities.

She was full of grace and has not spoke too much to the media, this is why she is liked by everyone. She is a smart young woman who is out with anew music video. And does she own the romance brand? Yes and then some. Her choice is a new song about wanting to be close by the one she loves--she wants to be close enough to hear his heartbeat.

Emmad Taleb wrote those lovely lyrics and the music is the work od the dup of Humam FM & Mohammed Alshareef. The music arrangement is by Amir Ansari and production went to Takarub Tel & New Music. That famous Salam smile is back in full swing--sure the dialect is vague Khaleej.

This is about a love story told best in a red dress. This is Salma's first song and she knows her voice, she just needs to find what's her comfort with the style. I know her fans are electrified to see and hear her back on the saddle. I know her fans are all over the Arab world, but I know the ones in Morocco and Palestine think the world of her.

Salma Rachid - Sama'ni Nabdak ( Clip 2015 ) سمعني نبضك -سلمى رشيد 2015

- Salma Rachid - Sama3ni Nabdak Video Clip سلمى رشيد - سمعني نبضك


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