Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Finest Kuwaiti Diva Still "Got It"

Kuwaiti Nawal or Nawal of Kuwait is a legendary diva in the Arab world. The hit-maker goes every year to her native country to headline one of the biggest nights of music in town. Thought she now lives in Turkey with her musician hubby, she is often in the Khaleej doing music and headlining music festivals.

for than two decades and this lady has been enriching the music scene by making waves and being the best entertainer she can be. She is so talented in this live shows and she knows what works for her fans. While Nawak tried to do different things in the early and mod 00's, she seems to have stopped experimenting and sticking to her won formula.

Now Nawal is like the stateswoman of Khaleeji music. She is the lady that all the young female vocalists wants to be.

لولا المحبه - نوال الكويتيه - من حفل هلا فبراير الكويت
نوال الكويتيه - بكسر الدنيا .. من حفل هلا فبرايرالكويت 2015


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