Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Song For Yemen Protest Hits It Big

Yemen makes music that stays in Yemen, pretty much anything they make there, it stays there and never leaves that land. But when the youth wanted change, they took on the city squares and protested. They were killed by the 10s then by the 100s.

Yemeni poet Mohamed Al Qadi wrote this poem and three young Yemeni beautiful voices sang it with passion and with such sorrow that promises to give birth to hope. This song is worth the wait, we have waited for songs from Yemen about the movement there, and now comes this hit track, it;s not a song it's an epic.

The music sounds and the lyrics meet to make this song more than what' it's. Those powerful words are more than just letters, they are call to action.
لون دمي يرعبهم

The Color of My Blood Scares Them)

Words from the martyr/MOJAHED ABDULHAQ AL-QADHI's soul to the people stationed in all squares of change...

(O' My son, My soul, Mojahed & All martyr ... please intercede for us, for your parents & for your relatives)

Sorry Father I was born a "Freedom fighter"
Longing to gain victory or return (Mojandla)
You gave me my name and its meaning
My mother fed me dignity along with her milk

I have never got out except for the painful moans
..They destroy him to beg for mercy
I have never got out except for the starved ones..
Who search in garbage to find something to eat
I have never got out except for a child's tears..
Her innocence has grown old because of calamities..

I have never got out except for a hopeless family..
That has no hope for the coming future
I have never got out except for a mother with her infant..
Asking for food at every red light
Father, those scenes I couldn't bear
Those scenes caused rocks to moan and shiver.

The unjust are on emerald thrones
but people are nothing but gracefully patient.
Mother, sew a carpet by my blood, a long, royal one..
Tell the people I love, farewell! Walk on the path, for my blood has made walking easier
With my blood I draw the light of the coming dawn..
Victory is inevitably the free nations' destiny..

I didn't even carry a weapon in my hands..
Neither hateful for people who did..
I have never got out except for my Sweetheart's eyes..
A virgin to whom poems are recited..
After being extremely joyous..
She shed tears over me..

I said "Enough with talking" and I came to her
Standing against the wrong doers to ask them to leave
From the Change Square we all demanded,
"Enough is enough! Just leave power."
My death will destroy their sinful thrones..
And tomorrow, killers will kneel asking for mercy.. ‎
With my blood I draw the light of the coming dawn
Victory is inevitably the free nations' destiny


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