Monday, December 20, 2010

Joseph Attieh, an Arabian Cowboy

Joseph Attieh continues to be a raising star in Lebanon, he seems to have a good management and that's why he is able to entertain the masses with his music. This week Joseph was filming his latest music video from his pleasant album "Mawhoum" released earlier this year. The song "Habib Algram", he seems to want to saddle up and go for the cowboy look. So it's the average Arab story a cowboy meets a cowgirl and ride together.

The music video will be released shortly, but first Joseph Attieh has a New Year Concert in Syria where he will ring in the new year with his fans up north. Here are pictures from the location set where the music video was being shot...i am sure the ladies would love the looks of this handsome star and for sure his rugged look will get him some fans who will hopefully tune in and buy music form this talented young star.

Pictures from from Khabar 3ajil


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