Monday, October 28, 2013

WATCH: Hala Al Turk - Happy Happy #حلا_الترك - هابي هابي Children Songs

The is the littlest big-time hit-maker and she knows it. Most of her peers are popular, but she is so and richer. She is a young celebrity who knows her value! See her sing with her pals in a very happy track about birthdays. She might be up to something here in making over a beloved global classic--the birthday song.

I like Hala Turk, she has a good team, and her Arabic is as good as her Arabic. But the best thing about her is her confidence around camera, she has so much energy, and it communicates that energy to her listeners. She got it and wherever she is, the boasts that level of joy. This is a surprise song where she is asking her fans to raise their hands if they like her. Then she tells them I love you, and I swear I do. I love when she talked about the brotherhood.

This is a clever song from a bright little girl who is in the transition to being a woman in very short years. She came a long way from her days with Arabs Got Talent, now she has been well-advised in every move she makes.

Hala Al Turk - Happy Happy #حلا_الترك - هابي هابي


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