Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Shayma Helali, The Invincible Arab Pop Star Latest Is Magic @shaymahelali

Shayma Helali is an amazing woman whose voice can be anything she wants it to be. Frankly she is to be compared by no one...but think she is the next Magida El Roumi with the cuteness of Nancy Ajram--she is the perfect combo. Her music is about making you think good things are possible. After a quite four years, Shayma came back with a new album this year and reaffirmed herself as Arabia's top-pop queen. She is a contender and her songs have the natural and much-desired longevity

In her latest music video, she is married to a stockbroker or a guy who has a lot of money in the stick exchange and she is telling him, do not worry about them, I am by your side. Shayma Helali comes across as your favorite crush that grew up and remind the same way you remember them being. The closes thing to perfection as they come.  She makes pop music exciting, it makes you really wait for her next act, and she uses her time well.

This Tunisian pop star is a serious entertainer whose talent is worth of exploring. She has the grace and the humility of a dozen stars combined. I like that her style is all hers. Tunis does not make weak stars, if you are form there, you better be good or else. You cannot be mediocre and popular if you are not form Lebanon or Egypt. I wish Shayma Helali gets to do more songs, and more people tune in, she deserves hat kind of attention because she seems to take nothing for granted.  

A simple songs with her voice becomes a hit, a humble music video with her presence travels worlds. Thanks to both her dreamy voice and her dreamy eyes. I am curious to see what makes her who she is? Why is she is good and so different that anyone in her peers? In Western music references, she would be a mush up between Adel with the warmth and personality of Cheryl Cole 

Shayma Helali - Wala Yhemmak / شيما هلالي - ولا يهمك


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