Saturday, October 12, 2013

WATCH: Nancy Ajram Twitter Song - A3mel 3a2la | كليب نانسي عجرم - أعمل عاقلة

Lebanese hit-maker and everyone's favorite pop star Nancy Ajram released a fun song five months ago, it went viral and it was a pretty cool song. Nancy Ajram dared her fans to come up with a cool concert for the music video. The have answered the call. But one lucky Syrian who lives in Canada won the war of ideas, and his suggestion was made into a music video--he got to hang out with Nancy and appear in the clip.

Needless to say the music video will be a big hit, and brings memory of Nancy Ajram's younger days when she was playing the cute cheeky girl. He flew to Lebanon to be on the set, and naturally the young man was star-struck. The creative man behind the idea will be playing her buddy.

I liked the song and I get to enjoy it one more time, thanks to this cool music video that will brighten one's day. Nanny Ajram is not going anywhere, she is one of the smartest pop divas and so far she seems to be the nicest one among them all as she comes drama free. I like the guy who wrote the music Egyptian Ramy Gamal--he is a gifted one indeed. The direction was the wok of Lebanese Walid Nassif. Perhaps the experienced hands and ears of producer Tarek Madkour made this song the hit it has become.

This is the social media music video all around--there are of course the product placements to pay the bills. This new music video was born online, and it will find a comfortable home, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook all are present as the artist interacts with her fans. It's a strangely and loosely connected music video. Your parents may not get half of this music video, they will feel happy that they recognized the brand of her soup and coffee mug.  

Nancy brings her best party hair, and all these young and good-looking models make us fun to watch

Nancy Ajram - A3mel 3a2la | كليب نانسي عجرم - أعمل عاقلة


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