Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Lovely Angela Bechara-Kfoury, Arab Idol New Judge Wael Kfoury Wife @Kfouryangela

For a long time, she did not exist and news of her was kept a secret by the artist Wael Kfoury who wanted it to be unknown about his  personal life. Wael is a heartthrob and a babe slayer with his voice, look and style. So it made sense for him to deny rumors that he had married...and we the public did not know he was married until we heard from Elissa who said two years ago...Wael has a son, stop linking him to me.

Kfoury was married in Cyprus, in a civil ceremony, to Angela Bechara and kept their relationship and marriage secret for a while from the press. The couple have a daughter named Michelle who was born September 10, 2011. She was given her name from the feminine equivalent of her father's real name.

I respect their privacy and know that in time we will know more about the lovely Angela. Wael is now celebrating joining Arab Idol as a judge.....He left X Factor and now it's a big deal he is on this show at this time. Ragheb Alamah left and Ahlam is happy about that. In Fairness Ragheb is happy for Wael. 

You can find and follow Angela on her twitter 

P.S. This picture may not even be for the Angela that married Mr. Kfoury! I do not see much about her....when she is ready maybe we will get a closeup. Coming out in in this image obsessed world, will make life tougher for a fmaily that wants their personal life separate from their work.  

Wael Kfoury - Saalouni / وائل كفوري - سألوني


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