Thursday, October 10, 2013

Listen: The Battle Of The Sexes Song اغنية هانى عادل وامينة - مين بيكمل مين| من فيلم هاتولى راجل

Hany Adel releases his first mainstream duet and she has gone a different route. The Indie artist sings along Amina, the Queen of Sha'abi style songs. It's where hard rock meets street songs of Egypt, a brilliant song from tow talented artists. A feminist song about stand up girls, women freedom and the battle of the sexes rages on.

Not sure if this song solved anything, but it enriches the debate. "We Want To Remain Human", there's love too, and manly men where a woman wants to break free. This song is part of a promotional campaign for a new Egyptians movie, "Bring Me A Man", I do not know much about the plot.

The song has a smooth flow it goes too fast and I think the production, mastering or the music arrangement could have done a better job. The artists delivered their lyrcis very well.

اغنية هانى عادل وامينة - مين بيكمل مين | جامدة | من فيلم هاتولى راجل

اغنية هانى عادل وامينة - مين بيكلم مين - من فيلم هاتولى راجل 3 201


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