Monday, October 7, 2013

WATCH: Mai Selim Goes Folks On #Egypt اغنية سكر مى سليم من فيلم عش البلبل

Mai Selim makes good music, and I consider myself a fan, she did the best among her sisters because she stuck to Egypt and sold her talent on TV, cinema and music records. She is a popular lady at theaters, she sells records, she also stars in TV Dramas.

Her latest is a song in a movie where she stars as a dancer with heart of gold, and I like the song she got to sing. It's very sha'abi style, she is trying to break into a tough market, but the song is a in a movie which hopefully will pay the bills.

The song is about being sweet, or sugar--not diabetes. Mai is not the first starlet to play this character, but she seems to have pulled off the best--before her there was Nicole Saba, Dominique Hourani, Madeline Mater, Marwa and scores of other ladies form Lebanon. Mai got the tlanet, and she did her best on this very sweet song.

Mai Selim - Sokaar |فيلم عش البلبل | مى سليم - سكــر

اغنية سكر مى سليم من فيلم عش البلبل


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