Thursday, October 3, 2013

"We Are Egyptian" Celebrates The Army Not The People @RabaaHeros @RabaaTweet

The Egyptian army loves the month of October, in fact they have done so since the war of 1973. The people get mobilized to celebrate this army day, they embrace the victory of the army over the enemies who occupied its land. Then comes this year's celebration when a great deal of Egypt either fears the army and its might or they accuse this institution of murdering  civilians.

There are fans of the army in Egypt, but most of them confuse the idea of the righteous army and the army generals who have gotten political lately.  One music producer Ahmed Adel has released a song that sucks up to the army, they do not celebrate the human, but the army. This time they celebrate over many dead bodies, and suck up to the army and the police forces. The song starts in Arabic, then goes into terrible song, and deliver shallow lines.

The makers of the music video, would be happy to kill 51 percent of the people of Egypt if they call them extremists. No wonder, these guys fled their country, there are more than three million Egyptians working away from Egypt. Egypt of today is like a massive airplane that's trying to take off with only one wing. It did not happen and it will not happen in Egypt. The sad thing, all these singers in Egypt, fly their pregnant wives to have their kids away form Egypt. And then they turn on TV and tell folks with a straight face, Egypt is great. How so?

Music producers who are paid off by the army, will to change that with a preachy song that seems to read like an army press release. The makers of this song better honor the people not the army. Without the people the army would be nothing. Somehow, they forget the people and celebrate the ones with powers. If the Egyptian army is so strong, why cannot they take control of Sinai? Why cannot they come out and tell their people who really murdered their officers more than a year ago.

"We salute the army, for making the people happy", I guess some people are happy to see others die for no fault of their own. I would believe the sincerity of  "We Are Egyptians", once civilians run the country once again. No matter what they say, no matter how hard they try, they cannot rewrite history. It's a coup, the army killed people, and no level of denial will change the facts.  

We Are Egyptian


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