Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Download: Assi Hallani 2013 Album تحميل البوم عاصى الحلانى - عاصى 2013

The Macho man of Lebanon, the one who would be a knight had he not been a singer, Assi Hallani all of sudden has an album, and I have to say, the media did not say much about it. Assi makes music for the joy of it, he is booked for concerts and TV appearances, he also loves jeans and loves politics.

If you do not know Assi, then this album will have a lot of shouting to you, a lot of mixed bag songs where half of one song would be good and the other will confuse you. Assi's albums tend to lack focus, and tend to be all over the place.

The album is a variety of Lebanese and non Lebanese songs to cater to the larger Arab audience and various tastes. Assi even has a song named after himself--in his mind he is already a legend.

01 - Waddi Ya Bahr
02 - Weynak Habibi
03 - Ya Nom
04 - Ya Assi
05 - Aman
06 - Sa3ba El Marhaleh
07 - Aa LaLa
08 - Hanni W Ghanni
09 - Waaini
10 - Ya Teyr
11 - Lweyn Trouh
12 - Mili B Aabaki
13 - Ya Sayidi
14 - Laylet Hawa

عاصي الحلاني - حبيبي 2013 تحميل + كلمات

عاصي الحلاني - واعيني


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