Friday, December 20, 2013

@Mai_Selim Accuses The Muslim Brotherhood Of Assult, Then Changes Her Mind

Jordanian entertainer Mai Selim who married an Egyptian businessman and then divorced him--they had a little girl together is the news again. She was riding in her car headed to the studio when per the press release issues by her office, there was a protest organized by the Muslim Brotherhood who attacked her really sweet car.

Three hours later, Mai Selim took to Twitter and changed her earlier statement.

الحمد لله أنا وبنتى بخير .. وانا مش بتهم أى فصيل سياسى بعينه في اللى حصلي النهاردة، وأرجو عدم وضع اسمي في أي أمور سياسية..


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