Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Zahi Safiya, The Lebanese Man With Romance

The Super Star TV show had made few names in the music business, one of the lesser known graduates is Lebanese Zahi Safiya. Zahi likes the music business, fame and soccer, he released a special song for Lebanon's soccer team.

Zahi has the natural sound voice that if paired with the right melody, your eyes will be wet in no time. He is a bro with feelings, he is the nice boy who might be tough on the outside, but he is butter on the inside. Zahi travels the world singing to her countrymen in private and public functions giving them a taste of him away form home.

His song is about leaving the score unsettled, one personal walks away, but the closure has not taken place yet, it hurts like hell. In this song he sounds like Fadel Shaker, and looks like Wael Kfoury, both are proud Lebanese.

 زاهي صفية - بتروح و بتزعل / فيديو كليب 2013


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