Monday, August 19, 2013

If Egyptian Dance Is Your Thing, Then Nour El Araby Is Your Best Friend

Egyptian dance music is popular among Arabs, for everyone else, it's just really loud noise. But that doe snot matter, because Egyptian pop are known to be catchy, and simple. They can also be humorous too, but they will always be distinct instruments that make such track an Egyptian beat.   

I like happy songs, that are straightforward, like they do a great job in capturing a moment--the first moment of falling in love. They singer takes the lead in the backup singers fire up the exchange, it's as if he starts something, and they give him a boost. The songs tend songs ask the listener to help him out, please tell him about my sleepless nights because of him.

So go ahead and bring out those hips of yours to the dance floor.

 Nour El Araby - Habeeb El Eien / نور العربي - حبيب العين


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