Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nizar Francis الشاعر نزار فرنسيس Lebanon's Finest Love Song Lyricist

He is the word doctor, a poet who lyrics  those lyrics in turn become among the most successful pop songs. He is the household name in Lebanese pop song, he has his friends, artists who want nothing but to be on his good side. His name is Nizar Francis, and he is in the business of making stars bigger stars, and listeners a little bit happier.  

He is the other Nizar, he is a poet of love, known for his emotionally hard hitting lyrics. He threw a party at his house where A listers turned out, he spoke about the new music project he is working with composer Melhem Barkat on. He seems to be a big fan of Melhim and on top of that, they seem to get along very well. I have come to expect the best songs for Nizar, he has brought a lot of joy

He is talking up few names, Wael Kfoury he loves, same for Assi Hallani and Nancy Ajram. He is working with Shatha Hassoun--he has worked with her before, he respects the success of Haifa, but won't work with her.

Nizar got himself in hot water when he appeared on a popular talk show in celebration for the Lebanese army. Nizar wore a shirt that read US Army, naturally that was a dumb move. He was also accused of stealing a poem from a late Nadmy Abdel Aziz.

Nizar Francis - Interview الشاعر نزار فرنسيس


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