Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Magy Saad #Ramadan Album From #Egypt مجدى سعد - رمضان ايامه حلوة

One of Egypt's finest singers yet little known voices is Magdy Saad who is also a well-known composer has a Ramadan album.  Tend track so supplications and prayer, not very long songs, concise messages of humility and prayer.

Magdy has the meek voice that connects with one ears and helps them find their inner peace. Not many make those Ramadan albums, and not many music music in Egypt right now, but it's almost an impressive act of itself to get an album out in those troubling times.

The album comes under the theme of the sweet days of Ramadan, that includes the Ramadan desserts as well. This is a happy album that makes tradition and faith and paints a glowing picture for the holy month.

1. Ramadan Ayamo Helwa
2. Haly Ayami Bik
3. Bbd2 B2sm Allah
4. El Sadeq El Ameen
6. Meen Fena
7. W2ft Da3yt
8. Yarb Ehfaz El Balad
9. Yarab Ya 3aly
10. 3alm Bhaly

مجدي سعد - رمضان ايامه حلوه / Magdy Saad - Ramadan Ayamo 7elwa


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