Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Listen: Best Dance Song Iwan - El Layli 3id 2013 / ايوان - الليلة عيد

Something about Greek melodies and the voice of young and charming Lebanese singer Iwan that seems to work too well. Iwan made couple of good singles ten years ago....then he tried to do that again, but it did not work out.

Now in 2013, the man is back with force and he will get you to dance, his new single is timed for the Eid--a party. But the song is about love, when you are in love Eid is all around the corner. Cannot really beat this dance tune. Iwan is a master and I am certain the music is his creation as he has done few songs with similar Greek melodies.

I do not always party, but when I do, it's Iwan time. This song will make you think of the beach and that kid with a boom box.


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