Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Look: Ramy Ayach And His Bride 2013 Wedding الصور الأولى من حفل زفاف رامي عياش

He was the most handsome pop star, the man all the ladies wanted to be near his sight. He tried to get married once, it did not work out. Years later he is tying the knot at home in a private wedding attended by the likes of Dina Hayek, Cyrine Abdel Nour, Nichan, Said Al Marouk, Joumana Bou Eid, Salim Asaf, Anabila Hilal and countless others.

Ramy Ayach got sealed and some ladies are not too happy about it, only one feels she landed him and I hope he treats her right. The fashion designer Dalida Said will be going with him tonight and call him her husband. Droves of celebrities and politicians were in attendance. The Pavilion Royal in Bayal complex was the lobby of choice for the wedding.

Something I ought to say, Ramy Ayach seems more concerned about the photos than paying attention to the lady standing next to him. It's the same comments people gave the global pop star Justin Timerlake from his wedding earlier this summer as the bride appeared to be a guest at her own wedding.

This was also an internet wedding where on Twitter, there was a special hashtag #ramyayachwedding.

حفل زفاف رامي عياش - زفة البوب ستار رامي عياش / (Pop Star Ramy Ayach wedding party

The charming hit-maker had a single recorded for his bride and it's fresh and focused on good times.


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