Thursday, August 15, 2013

Video: Arab Idol Mohammad Assaf Upsets Netanyahu عساف: سعيد لأنني أزعجت نتانياهو #Palestine

In an interview young and charming Palestinian singer Mohammad Assaf spoke about being in the political news. Assaf was the subject of a letter sent by the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to America's Secretary of State John Kerry. The letter came in great length about how the Palestinians leadership is not intrested in peace--which the same charge Palestinians can say about him.

"I am glad I annoyed him", "I am with peace, but the other side, does not seem to be interested", "I sing for Palestine, my land, if he does not like that--it's his problem" "Give our rights first, and we will start believing in peace" as about fame, "being famous is nice, but there is so much pressure and expectations, I have lost 12 kilograms since I came under the spotlight" Also note, how he talks about himself in the third person. Among the gems from the interview, I am not used to being kissed by women, and my young fans get me to get used to being kissed.

It's been reported that the Israeli PM equated one of Assaf's songs where he sings for Palestinians cities inside Israel as an incitement to violence.

عساف: سعيد لأنني أزعجت نتانياهو


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