Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WATCH: Elissa Full Concert In Beirut Holidays اليسا في مهرجان اعياد بيروت

She is a popular songstress and a trend-sitter, she has been in the spotlight for fifteen years and has not aged one bit. She has not bored us either, and every time she releases a new album--it takes her two years to release an album. In the meantime, she sings in music festivals around the Arab world, she is a big draw everywhere she goes.

She has her fans and followers who would rally around her when she is being picked on. Now her most recent concert was in Beirut few days after a bomb went off, she unleashed a bomb of excitement and love and she spoke about the current events.

I think with that much experience she has, Elissa is more than conformable doing covers, like she has never done. At this concert she covered a song for Fairoz and another one for Salwa Qatrib. Maybe she sees her place in the industry somewhere in between these two divas. Elissa even tried to do a dance number when she was doing a song for Abdel Halim Hafiz--this is a first thing.

She has always sounds just fine, but the more years she has spent in the industry, she has gotten better, her confidence boosted to the skies, and her voice has gotten sweeter.

Elissa in concert Beirut Holidays 2013 اليسا في مهرجان اعياد بيروت


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