Thursday, August 8, 2013

WATCH: Please Go Away Diana Karazon - Khalas Wolow / ديانا كرزون - خلص ولو

The pride of Jordan, Diana Karazon, the one that was famous more than ten years ago for that romantic song, she has not done anything worth talking about in some time. She did however, starred in an Egyptian drama that no one watched. She makes the news every time she wears a strange outfit or when she talks about a marriage proposal she has received.

Which is fine, but I think she should also make news for being an entertainer, as far as I know she has not entertained anyone in a long time. But her new single, seems to be upbeat, and it seems to be the right choice for Diana--she went Lebanese, she went passion and she went with dance.

She will always be the first singer who shot to fame for taking part of a singing competition Super Star, the original program.

Diana Karazon - Khalas Wolow / ديانا كرزون - خلص ولو


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