Thursday, August 29, 2013

Duet Impossible Doing Something New With The Oldies

This is an idea that I cannot have enough of, bring back some of the legends to live, toss in a new generation singer who idolizes that figure and have them perform a song together in a duet fashion. The show currently airs on MBC and it has everyone talking. This is the Arab version of a little known show with British personality Vernon Kay.

Oum Kalthoum seems to be everyone's idol, Arab entertainers chose to go back on time and perform next to her on stage. Among the super stars who have appeared is Moroccan diva Asma Lemnawar, Sherine, Wael Jassar Yara, Katehm Al Saher as well as others. Abdel Halim is another cool pick, those ones who really want a heavy doze can stop by Farid Al Atrach and Abdel Wahab.

I do not seem to be drawn to the different changing hosts who change between Lebanese and Egyptian ones.  The quality retro music videos where the new stars is super imposed on the video, it can fool us. MBC gave top spot to singers who are on contract with them--like the judges of The Voice. They also invite only stars on their music label. 

أسماء المنور وعاصي الحلاني ويارا ووائل جسار ومشاعل وكاظم الساهر ودينا بطمة التي غنّت مع أم كلثوم.
دنيا بطمة و ام كلثوم - انت عمري / بحلم بيك / ديو المستحيل

بحلم بيك | ديو المستحيل | الحلقة الثانية - جزء 5 / شيرين

بحلم بيك | ديو المستحيل | الحلقة الاولى - جزء 4 / يارا

صابر الرباعي - بحلم بيك / ديو المستحيل - الحلقة 4 - جزء