Saturday, August 3, 2013

The 80s Called And Asked For Their Pop Songs Back

Hanan, an Egyptain young woman who broke the mold in the late and mid eighties to sing happy and catchy fast paced songs. The song below is from her 1987 album. While most her song sin those albums were fun dance tones, she had few romantic songs and life wise songs.

Hanan has not sang in more than two decades, but for some reason, people still miss her and her style. I do not know what she has to say about nowadays songs. I am sure now she is older and wiser, plus the songs she did back then are now modern-day classics.

The composer that bough her to fame has already passed away, Ammar El Sahri who brough her and other young talents to our attention. She has also done some songs with Hamid El Shari like the below which he has produced.

حنان - غريبه


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