Wednesday, August 14, 2013

"Kamanana", The First Arabic Rogue Song

Mohamed Fouad has a side film career that made him a box office darling. That was in the late nineties when he had that fire in the belly. Most of his movies were either romance or comedy with a hint of action sequences. But he seemed like non-threatening home boy that we all have come to love.

Back then he picked a sidekick in Mohamed Henidi--the funny guy who would later become a leading man. Their join movies of 1998 was the first film to pass the million Egyptian pound mark. The movie came with a fun album that was like wild fire, it was the hit album of the year and all the cool kids and crazy wedding parties had it.

One thing, half of us had no clue what the song was talking about. There are too many random--but catchy words thrown in there. Like when you want to make a smoothie and just mix stuff up. You may end up with something good, but most of us have no idea what it is. That aside, the movie was funny and the music was so fun that each of us had to buy the soundtrack for the film. The song is about making it big, and the dreams people have

You cannot help but love the sax on that song. The song defined pop music for at least three years, when many tried to replicate it with their own songs.

Mohamed Fouad Kamanana محمد فؤاد كامننا

Mohamed Fouad Kamanana محمد فؤاد كامننا


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