Monday, August 26, 2013

WATCH: PSY Impersonator Scams The Country of #Lebanon And Her Music Loving Folks

When I first read that Korean pop sensation PSY will be in Lebanon for a concert, I was like, this is a big deal. Few weeks past and then there is PSY takes the stage, and people were very please to see Lebanon becoming a destination to such big name entertainers.

But then, now things got clear, it wasn't the real PSY The Gangnam Style guy  rather his impersonator who did a live show in Lebanon. Facebook is really mad like this Facebook Group Stop Cultural Terrorism in Lebanon page Others were very pissed of by this farce....

A lot of people who attended Friday's Gangnam Style Official Tour 2013 at Fouad Chehab Stadium are angry and disappointed at concert organizers, calling the whole thing a scam. Headliner Cheb Khaled cancelled, explaining that he didn't feel he could perform after the "sad, bloody incidents that happened in Beirut." He was referring to the Ruwaiss car bombing on August 15 which claimed the lives of 30 people. In a video response posted to You Tube a day after the concert, he said, "concerts can be rescheduled, but people's lives can't." Now as for the next reason that people were upset after the concert, I really can't fathom why anyone would actually believe that South Korean singer and rapper Psy would come to Beirut, but that is what organizers promised.
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The issue here is that the organizer Jean Saliba said during the course of an an interview with 3ishbeirut on August 13,  clearly states that: “Psy is coming to Lebanon as part of his official tour and he will dance with the kids on Gangnam style rhythms.” But it turns out this was one big joke, most people had no idea that they were getting an impersonator not the real entertainer in body and soul. The party loving people of Jounieh deserve better. Even media outlets in Lebanon were humiliated as they interview the fake star assuming he is the real deal. The questions is did the dancers know he was fake too?

Call Jean Saliba directly to voice any complaints at 03.101098 or 03.220304, or by sending an email to I can also be possible that the fake artist duped Mr. Saliba, and it could be that wanted to get a deal.

PSY Impersonator live in Lebanon!


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