Sunday, August 11, 2013

WATCH: Dounia Batma - Wala Fakhbaro | دنيا بطمة - ولا فخبارو#

The Moroccan runner up in Arab Idol's last year season Dounia Batma has a new music video and a single out. She chose the mother tongue, the Moroccan song. It's an absolutely gorgeous music video and near-perfect makeup job. The outfits are a throwback to Morocco's rich culture.

Dounia is a new bride as she is set to wed soon, she will be the step-mother of that little Bahraini girl who almost won Arabs Got Talent--Hala Turk. I think Douni's lable is investing heavily in her, and I think this is a good call, not too many Moroccan artists get such deals, both sides are fortunate to have this arrangement.

enjoy the eye-candy and the new starlet whose better days have always been ahead of her.

Dounia Batma - Wala Fakhbaro | دنيا بطمة - ولا فخبارو#


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