Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Listen: The Other Nancy Ajram Rarely Heard Voice @ Beirut Holidays نانسي عجرم بتونّس بيك

Nancy Ajram has two kind of voices, the one millions around the world know well and love. The other she does not use that often, but it's a worthy one to get to know. The Tarab voice, mellow songs with long lines and heavy musical backup. I think she is saving this voice for the future when she is no longer able to be the cool cat. She is now thirty and has few more years of being able to do the cute and ditsy girl.

Then comes the serious music muse stage where heavy listeners want to be blown out of their minds with sober music and lyrics that make sense and come in full sentences. But in her recent appearance in Beirut Holidays music festival, the young songstress offered that site of hers rarely seen. Watch and feel the music as Nancy takes her time to entertain.

Her choice of songs is the beloved classic by the late Algerian Warda who had this song really legendary song about waiting and long distance love tales. Nancy covered this song years ago, and now she does it again. Note, hoe Nancy Ajram fashion changes to keep pace with whichever song she is performing.

Nancy Ajram Batwannes Beek / نانسي عجرم بتونّس بيك Beirut Holidays 2013


  1. I can't find a discography for Aziza to tell when she recorded her version, but isn't this song primarily associated with Warda?