Monday, August 26, 2013

The Always Amazing Ghassan Saliba الرائع غسّان صليبا

Before he was a big restaurant mogul, before he was a loud tourism promoter for his county Lebanon, Ghassan Saliba was a wholesome entertainer. The amazing Ghassan Salib graduated from the number one talent and star making show Studio El Fan where he won the top spot for that year. Then he was picked by the house of Rahbani who made him a leading man on a number of plays.

Ghassan has this calm look and charming personality that drew people's eyes and hearts. He was the folksy voice that brought make some not so distant memories, made thing the good old days are actually the present days. While he had been around making shows, singing and appearing in plays and TV, he hit the big times in 1988 when starred in Summer 840 for the legendary Mansour Rahabni.

The last play he took part in was in 2008 also with the Rahabni "The Return of The Phoenix". Keep on mind Ghassan was never a pop star. He made several albums including a 1981 album where Melhim Barakat gave him his first original hit. But the relation between the two cooled off, reaching a new low.

Gassan Saliba Law Fiya غسان صليبا - لو فى

 Ghassan Saliba is Amazing الرائع غسّان صليبا

فلكلور لبناني .. غسان صليبا


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