Friday, August 23, 2013

Medhat Saleh, More Under Hits Than You Can Ever Count

The first month of January is not yet over and I am counting at least three singles from the well-known Egyptain star Medhat Saleh. Here, he just released a pro revolution song about those who held their grounds during the tough days in Tahrir Square.

To be blunt, most of those who are just now singing for the revolution were the ones who dismissed it or did not think of it. To be clear, on the revolution first three days, the activists were there alone. Days later, when the Mubarak gangs started murdering people and the camels came out, only then more people joint the fight. I do not know about Medhat Saleh, but I know his song is real. He may not have led the revolutionaries, or may not have shared pictures of his protest...he is ready to embrace the spirit.

The latest single is about being courageous and not worrying about the cowards.  Seriously, he has been releasing so many songs lately, I do not know what to make of it. He might have his own studio or he might be trying some new strategy.

مدحت صالح _ الجدع جدع


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