Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Listen: Asala Nasri New Single اغنية اصالة نصرى - من بعدك حيت | كاملة | جديد 2013

Asalah released a new single, a poem in Gulf dialect of Arabic that sounds crisp. Assalah has done really well in singing Gulf Dialect, unlike many of her peers who sound boring or who sound lame mimicking a beautiful dialect.

Asalah just got back from a trip to Palestine where she had a sold out concert in the ancient city of Bethlehem, her husband and manger went on the trip with her. She also got a chance to pray in Jerusalem and pictures of her  found their way to the internet. As for the song, it has been written by one of the UAE most coveted poets, sheikh Haza'a Al Nahyan.  The song is about friendship, love, romance, distance, honesty and those who like to break up a happy relationship

Aside from sweet and poetic lyrics, it's like Asalah has a special voice inside her--she saves this voice of hers to the songs she does in the Gulf dialect. I am glad Asalah is back in business where she no longer talks politics specially about Syria. She has been a hit maker for as long as I cared for music, and she seems to be headed toward the legendary status among her peers.

اغنية اصالة نصرى - من بعدك حيت | كاملة | جديد 2013


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