Sunday, August 11, 2013

WATCH: Hamada Helal Ta3ali || أغنية فرح مسلسل العراف تعالالى تعالالى حمادة

The happiest pop star and the original smiley face entertainer Hamada Hilal had a surprise hit song embedded into this season's biggest TV drama--the one with Adel Imam where he is the Godfather. Hamada released this catchy wedding song and performed it on stage with some of the better looking cast members.

It's a flirty song with sweet lyrics, I love the music video and feel. Hamada makes a huge amount of money from weddings and parties, he also acts in movies and gets paid well, but he is one of those stars that everyone loves. He never comes across as someone who thinks he has made it or that he is better than most.

تعالالي تعالالي Hamada_Helal-Ta3ali_Hena || أغنية فرح مسلسل العراف تعالالى تعالالى حمادة


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