Saturday, August 3, 2013

Download: Mahragan Album 2013 مهرجان وانادي | سادات | فيفتي | محمد الزعيم | عمرو حاحا | من البوم انتش يلا |

Egyptians are are going through a mess that they have created for themselves. They army either screwed it up, or made it worse. But the affects of this mess can be felt throughout a number of industries. Music has suffered too. Look for further than Mahraganat--Egypt's shitty new from of entertainment. When I say that, I do not mean they are not popular, this form of singing is very popular and it's no longer an art form for the poor.

Three of the biggest five stars in Mahraganat have just released a new album with a number of songs--they are attacking the Islamist parties and implying they are murderers. Sadat, Fifty, and Al Za'eem are the three young guns of auto-tone entertainment that has swept through Egypt allowing even a shoe shiner to become a karaoke star that is well-known around Egypt.

It makes sense to me that the biggest fans for this form of art are those who like to drink and pop pills and dance like tonight it all ends. There fores the street fest or block party album that comes in 10 tracks including a wedding song and enough slang language to make you want to go see a doctor or take a shower.

1- قـاتـل باسـم الديـن
2- مهرجان على جثتى
3- مهرجان انتش يلا
4- مهرجان نونو
5- مهرجان اسنجا
6- مهرجان وانادى
7- اغنية الافراج
8- مهرجان السباك
9- مهرجان خمسه باب
10 - مهرجان دقنا مسمار

مهرجان قاتل بأسم الدين | سادات و فيفتى و الزعيم | البوم انتش يلا 2013 جوجل الشعبى

مهرجان وانادي | سادات | فيفتي | محمد الزعيم | عمرو حاحا | من البوم انتش يلا |3 201


  1. I get it, this is the Egyptian equivalent of punk in the 70s and rap in the 80s. It's cool when making music suddenly becomes accessible to people with creative urges but not years of formal training, but in four decades, Egypt went from the whole country screeching to a halt on Thursday nights to listen to the radio to...this. So I guess the good news is it spits in the face of Ikhwanization?