Friday, August 30, 2013

Hussein Al Jassmi Sings In English "A Moment Of Anger"

His song is about rage, our real enemy as the song suggests. It's up to us and only us to make a change from our bad habits of getting mad. Good song and great performance by Hussein. He sounds like his English is really good.

What is not as good is the way the song is approached  this is not an Arabic songs, and the notes are very different as well as those keys. The trouble is, Arab singers doing songs in English, they keep doing this over and over again, they stress on the wrong words and extend them as you would do with Arabic songs. But in English it's a different ball game. I know we Arabs like to stretch our last word, but in English songs this varies.

Aside from that, Hussaen is the man for trying his hand on doing songs in a language different than his own. Thanks to Dubai--his home, he is already a big star with non Arabs.

اغنية حسين الجسمى - Hussain Al Jassmi - A Moment Of Anger


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