Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Review of @Pepsi_Arabia The Hot Pepsi Anthem - نشيد بيبسي

Soft drinks are meant to be consumed cold, but those who market the soft drinks ought to be hot. This is the feeling one gets when watching the newly released Pepsi Anthem with four Arabic stars. Three of the Pepsi anthem were the finalist on Arab Idol's first season, the fourth the the vocal and animated Saudi rapper Qusai. This is an easy on the eye assembly of Arabic pop with hints of English verses of rap, a marketing strategy that helps define cool and cool culture.

It's clear the music video is meant for those who are seeking the buzz of youth in a can. Soft drinks might be one of the few things people in the Middle East can enjoy together. God knows we are worlds apart in politics. So Pepsi Arabia launched this high octane music video brings together Youssef Arafat--from Jordan and Dounya Batma from Morocco, Carmin Soliman from Egypt the the lovable Saudi rapper. The music video also seems to have the Egyptian market on mind, the prevailing dialect is Egyptian.

This is a fresh marketing strategy, Pepsi's answer to Coke's recording studios and music centered marketing. It's east to get in the mood and wanting to jump in and grab a drink because life is too short--it might be shorter with unhealthy drinks.   So enjoy this well-made party music video and props to Pepsi and its partners in MBC for this beautiful collaboration. On another note, Pepsi feels comfortable in the region, it has been its home longer than it has been for Coke.

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Pepsi Anthem - نشيد بيبسي


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