Friday, August 23, 2013

WATCH: David Vendetta - Interview Hot Summer Dance #Lebanon #Beirut

The celebrated French DJ David Vendetta stopped in Beirut for one hell of a concert where his fans from all over the world have gathered to enjoy his latest mixes, and record spinning skills the world have come to love. Beirut did not stay indoors that night, they all went out to party with David and his crew. David feels like he is in his natural habitat in this party hard city. For starter, the folks there love music and almost never say no to good times. Second, tons of them speak French so David does not have to switch to English.

This was some dazzling show with dancers, and mixologist showing off his bud and bottles. Some show this was for the young people of Beirut who like to wave glow sticks and enjoy super-hyped music. This is not his first in Lebanon. He ha also worked with other singers including the names of Haifa Wehbe.

David has anew album which will release in the States. But he is also working on a song for Melissa of Lebanon. He also has a new track with a Turkish and Iraqi artists. The interviewer was way over his head, he tried though. His questions sounded canned. This must have been the place where droves of young people, and Lebanese expats who are vacationing in Lebanon to do something different

David Vendetta - Interview Hot Summer Dance


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