Thursday, August 1, 2013

Arabia's Golden Hits Brought Back By Amal Maher

Amal Maher charmed her way into our hearts by performing classic Arabic songs. he press loved her and dubbed her the next Oum Kalthoum. She kept on doing worthy covers of golden hits in the many concerts she have had mostly in Egypt. Then she branched out to the Gulf and mesmerize each one of them as she brought back the beloved classics.

The way she does it, is the right way, do not try to inject your persona and your style into them, You do not matter, your voices mimicking of the legends does. She was fine with that and she did well. Two years later, she released her original album in 2007. It was good, and introduced us to Amal Maher as a fun songstress who can wear a different hat.

Her voice even was used for songs for a number of movies and TV shows, each of her songs would do something different and make the show more of a success. But that all went away with her 2011 album it was golden. The album offered so many great things, top quality entertainment and the whole package.

Amal does her songs live, no playback allowed, she drives home the point. Now Amal still can do the covers--like the ones you will see below. But she can do concerts whole concerts with her own original and beautiful songs.

Wa Ana Maly - Amal Maher وانا مالى - حفلة - امال ماهر

Daret El Ayam - Amal Maher دارت الايام - حفلة - امال ماهر

Mawood - Amal Maher موعود-حفلة - امال ماهر


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