Sunday, August 18, 2013

Download: Amr Diab "El-Leila" Album 2013 البوم عمرو دياب - الليلة

This is a sad day when the biggest album of 2013 in the Arab world gets leaked. Amr Diab and his production company and Rotana label are at loss as now they have to deal with a leaked copy of the album set to release on August 22nd.

This is sad because so many people were banking on this album and it might be too late to hold of or release an alternative copy. This is theft and this is illegal. How did that happen? Well, it depends who you ask. But they all agree that iTunes America had the album earlier than the iTunes Middle East, someone purchased the album in North America, and it was uploaded.

The album was set at 16.99 dollars, but in the Middle East iTunes the price was 10 dollars. You could buy it in the States, but you can only reserve it or pre-order it in the Middle East. Since there was so much hype for the album all over the world for this global pop star, this was set to happen.

Now, here are few facts, four albums of the 12 tracks were already leaked, then Egypt is going through some hell of a time right now, an album is the last thing they need. Now this could be an attempted to do something, but as of right now, this has caused a huge loss for the producers. Some have accused Rotana of leaking the album, the company forcefully denies these charges.

Some fans are already upset because this leak stole their thunder as they were hoping for bigger buzz and ads, some of them have called on the Egyptian hit-maker to leave the Rotana label--this is his last album with them.

On this YouTube link you can hear the tracks

Check out the album here
01 - El-Leila
02 - Garaly Eah
03 - Andy Soaal
04 - Habeet Ya Alby
05 - Foo2 Mil Enta Feeh
06 - 3addet El Ayam
07 - Khleena L wa7dena
08 - Lafeteha Blad
09 - Mafeesh Minnak
10 - Sebt Faragh
11 - We Heya Zekriaat
12 - Ya Albaha