Saturday, August 24, 2013

Download: Bahaa Sultan " Bandwar 3ala El Sa3ada " / " بهاء سلطان " بندور على السعادة Free Music "Nasr Mahrous"

This is a social album, or a socially responsible album. A new concept album with broader themes, it's about love but that the selfish or the romantic love. Love they neighbor sort of story, do well, fear God and be the best version of yourself you can be. Producer Nasr Mahrous is one my favorite producers in Egypt--minus his politics. He is a record doctor and only works with a select few out of whom he chooses to finest voices and gives them his attention.

Among his most loyal and biggest stars is Bahaa Sultan, his protege who have said if Nasr was not producing my albums, I would quit. This is the kind of loyalty a producer likes to see. Nasr made the career of so many most notable Tamer Hosny--walked out on him, and Sherine who abandoned him for Rotana. But Bahaa has been with Nasr company Free Music for a really long time.

And this is why together they put out a solid album with many social themes, they sold the album on iTunes and now it has found it way to the bigger world. This album has religious messages but the bigger and bolder ones are of social feel. Let's be better people and start with oneself. This is somehow a new album, albums that are about different topics other than home and love do not get made in Arabia.

"Searching For Happiness" is the title and the lead song is below. I also like Sa'aban it's a fun track with a message that will resonate with you and stick with you. Satan also has his track too. Just do the right thing or choose the right is the ultimate message. This is an interfaith album put together by an active Christian and a Muslim who thought the common grounds are hard to ignore.

01 - El Shetaan
02 - Ana
03 - Bandwar 3ala El Sa3ada
04 - Fe Set Ayam
05 - Ma7desh Ya2ool
06 - Mahma 7asaly
07 - Ra3eey Dameraak
08 - Rabna Bayseena
09 - Sa3ban
10 - 3asfora
11 - Bad3y Ya Rab

Bahaa Sultan " 3asfora " / " بهاء سلطان " عصفورة

Bahaa Sultan " Bandwar 3ala El Sa3ada " / " بهاء سلطان " بندور على السعادة Free Music "Nasr Mahrous"