Friday, August 16, 2013

Listen: @MohammedAssaf89 New Singles Are All About The Blues #Palestine

Update: I ma now told these are two old songs for Assaf, and not new ones, which would explain the low-budget production value

He won the title, made millions of friends, and few enemies too. But Mohammad Assad is recording his new album, and we are looking for more form this young guy with a golden voice. I think those are leaked copies as the mastering and production seems low budget. We have heard here will be lots of money invested in this album.

These might even be teaser songs that won't make it into the final album. One song is about being homesick, the other about walking away from a bad relationship. Assaf s been very busy, doing many things concerts in Palestine and beyond. Dozens of MBC events and interviews.

The Arab Idol winner has a full plate in front of him, he has to do the fine balance of patriotic songs and romantic songs, to make sure he is not stuck in one block. I think Assaf is working on something to make the fans happy and remind people that he can do great things after the show.

It's tough to make music or to get music produced, but Assaf has the company that wants to green light his projects. Trouble is, times have to be right, as the blues are all over the map of the Arab World.

اغنيه يا بلدى ل Arab Idol محمد عساف | جديد | من البوم الغربه 2013

محمد عساف - كفاية


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