Monday, August 12, 2013

Yosra Mahnouch Dazzles @ Tunis' Carthage Music Festival

Yousra Mahnouch did not win The Voice, but she went out on top, and has earned the friendship of her mentor Kathem Al Saher who shared the stage with her in the Tunisian city of Carthage. At home, where their biggest music festival brings out thousands of locals and tourists.

Yousra performed her own songs, covered oldies from Tunis, did her most beloved cover of an American song and performed a duet with the Iraqi man Kathem Al Saher, see fomr videos from her most recent appearance at the historic Carthage Music Festival.

Yosra Mahnouch_Nemdah Lagtab | يسرا محنوش_نمدح الأقطاب

Yosra Mahnouch_Ti7 El Teli | يسرا محنوش_طيح التالي

Yosra Mahnouch & Kadim Al Saher_Om 3youn Soud | يسرا محنوش & كاظم الساهر_أم العيون السود
Yosra Mahnouch_Ena Tal Sabri | يسرا محنوش_أنا طال صبري


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