Friday, August 2, 2013

Bassem Feghali, The Strangest Lebanese Man / Women

Bassem Feghali spends way too much time watching TV as he plans to pick his next target. He has the name of a man, but very few people know that he is one. He spends most of his time in public wearing outfits of female pop stars. His victims are often popular names from both the Arab and the global pops scene.

He was a household name in 1996 when he appeared in the hit-making and singer scouting show Studio El Fan. He won the golden medal and made waves with his unique skill, imitating, mimicking most famous stars of his day. He is well known for making funny and sometimes mockery version of popular songs for a female entertainer. He has locked down the  the high pitch voice, and his customs are often a great prop.

His first ever impersonation is for his relative popular golden girl Sabah. Then he ventures into other personas that included American iconcs such as Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears. From the Arab world, he is well known for his Nawal Al Zoughbi, Haifa Wehbe, Fairouz, Shakira, , Marwa, Nancy Ajram, Elissa, and Mariam Nour.

He has been dubbed as the most famous Drag Queen in the Arab world, his mastery of transvestite art is not even canny. Aside form that, he writes most of his sketches and satire songs. People like him, have conquered the world of ventriloquism, but he seems to be content being an eccentric diva in the pure tradition of burlesque cabaret, combining glamour and humor in his performances. Naturally those antics may not agree with a lot of people especially the more traditional elements of society. But it's not all bad as has sold out shows in United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Kuwait and Oman Sultanate. Wait for it, wait for it, he had also performed in North America tour as well as Australia.

He has a great partnership with LBC who seem to have controlled his appearances whereas he has a popular daily show on their network. He is popular choice for big celebrity events. He often does concerts and cruise engagements. He had to enter in public feuds every now and then, but it seems most stars are fine with his antics. He is known for his customs and his over the top jokes.

 باسم فغالي يقلد إليسا نجوى هيفا وليدي غاغا رأس السنة 2012

 باسم فغالي - تقليد الفنانين اللبنانيين :)