Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Video: When #Lebanon Parties, They Call On Wael Kfoury #Beirut

There are many things that has been happening in Lebanon. a bomb went off, and a number of previously- scheduled concerts also took place not far away form the place where the bomb went off. Singers got on their soapbox and talked politics before they did their act.

Wael Kfoury did a special song talking about the very people who put Lebanon in danger with their policies of assassination. It's a fresh and bold song that comes in a critical time, from a man who has rarely commented on politics. Wael is a clever entertainer whose fan would travel seas to see him perform live. This is a history lesson is mentions the German reunification in the nineties. This is a zinger for those who live in one side of Lebanon belongs to a certain political faction.

Like a master Wael delivers a song for the first time, that shames people who are pulling Lebanon backward and downward. He even talks about Islam, Christianity and Druze, all of us are wronged.

The artist to do cover of his old and new songs, the crowd went wild and savored every instant classic Wael Kfoury spitted out. This was a memorable night. The cheers and the energy on the stage are not easy to match as Wael knows how to get the fans to raor

 موال وائل كفوري من حفل اعياد بيروت 2013 Mouwwel Wael Kfoury

Wael Kfoury in Beirut Holidays 2013 وائل كفوري في اعياد بيروت


  1. نشكركم على المقال الصادق والمعبر ...وائل كفوري .. رائع كانسان قبل الفنان