Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Listen: The Arab Blues Song By Mohammad Assaf 2014 محمد عساف - يا هالعرب - النسخة الأصلية حصرياً

Arabia seems torn apart by politics, every Arab seems to blame the other Arab for their woes and troubles at home. It really stinks we have to see this all over again. But Mohammad Assaf, fresh from his Arab Idol fame has a song that speaks about this very subject. The lyrics have been written by Lebanese lyricist Nizar Francis, and the music by Rowad Raad.

This is also a love song, but it calls on Arabs and wonders where have all the good times have gone? I am hurt and you are the reason behind my agony. This is a song if the intended audience was alive, it will deliver its message, but I am afraid Assaf is appealing to the dead--in the flesh and the heart.

As for marketing, this is the right song for Assaf, its has the pan-Arab appeals and it addresses their fears and greatest nightmares. Once again, Assaf talks to his fans in more than one Arabic country at once. A clever choice for this young star whose schedule has been increasingly. I do not think there is room for romantic songs at this moment, but the song is very Assaf safe, its inline with his style he has stuck to since Arab Idol.

As for the music it's good, but not complex or sophisticated as it could have been. Some commentators have called the song a "mess", "chaos", which I can understand, but considering the state of the music industry right now, it's a miracle to get a song released. Assaf does not deserve better, he has to find better songs, he is not entitled to anything--he will make his own path. As for this song, it's the best song he could have released.

2014  محمد عساف - يا هالعرب - النسخة الأصلية حصرياً


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